Tải the sims 4 miễn phí

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The Sims 4 has become không tính tiền to play! With millions of players & a vibrant community, The Sims 4 is an excellent trò chơi to build houses và even build your own virtual society.

If you're itching to get into the game, but don't want khổng lồ shell out dollars for it, now's your chance. Here's how you can download The Sims 4 for free, no matter what gaming platform you're on.

How khổng lồ Get The Sims 4 on Windows

EA Games first released The Sims 4 for Windows. The trò chơi launched in both disc and digital-only formats in 2014. However, many things have changed since then. Khổng lồ get The Sims 4, you must tải về the game using either Steam or the EA app.



Steam is one of the many apps and websites you can tải về games from. Consequently, it just makes sense for EA to lớn make its games available there. Here's how you can get The Sims 4 on Steam.

Launch the Steam app, type The Sims 4 on the search bar, & select the first result.


On The Sims 4 page, click on Play Game. This will launch a new installation window. Follow through with the installation process. Once this completes, you can now start playing The Sims 4. Aside from The Sims 4, you can also find several other fantastic titles on Steam. As long as you know how lớn find the best games Steam can offer, you won't ever be bored again. But if you don't have the phầm mềm yet, here's how you can install Steam on your PC.

EA App


If you're a fan hâm mộ of EA Games, you can tải về the EA ứng dụng instead of Steam. You can also go this route if you're subscribed lớn Xbox game Pass for PC or Xbox game Pass Ultimate, as it's included in the subscription—here's how khổng lồ use the EA Play subscription on the EA tiện ích with Xbox game Pass.

But even if you don't have an Xbox subscription, you can still enjoy The Sims 4 via the EA App. Just follow these steps:

Launch the EA app. On the search bar near the đứng đầu of the window, type The Sims 4 và press enter.


Click The Sims 4 result, then press the Download button. Once the download and installation are complete, press the Play button on The Sims 4 page. With that, you can start enjoying The Sims 4 on your Windows PC through Steam or the EA app. But if you're on a Mac, don't fret. You can still play The Sims 4, but you have khổng lồ use another EA service.

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How to Get The Sims 4 on Mac

One quarter of a year after the original launch of The Sims 4, EA made the game available on macOS. Unfortunately, the game doesn't have a macOS version on Steam—and the EA ứng dụng isn't available on Macs.

So, lớn get The Sims 4 on your hãng apple computer, you have to lớn use Origin instead.

After logging in, click on the Search bar và type The Sims 4. Click the proper tìm kiếm result. On The Sims 4 page, click Add khổng lồ Library. In the Added lớn your library window, click on Download with Origin. Once the tải về completes, go lớn My game Library và click on The Sims 4. In the window that appears, click on Play.


How to tải về and Play The Sims 4 on Xbox Series X|S

Although The Sims 4 is not available on the Xbox app on Windows PCs, you can find it on the Xbox console itself. Here's how khổng lồ install The Sims 4 on your Xbox.

Go to the Store on your Xbox's trang chủ screen, and click Search. Type The Sims 4; you should see it on the Suggested results tab above your text entry. Select The Sims 4 game & press A on your Xbox controller. Choose Install on The Sims 4 page. Once the installation is complete, click on the Xbox button on your controller, and you should see the trò chơi listed under My games và apps. Click on the game, và you should be able to lớn start playing The Sims 4 for miễn phí on your Xbox.

With that, you can start designing homes & building Sim families on your Xbox.

If you've managed lớn get your hands on Sony's ninth-gen console, you could also get The Sims 4 for free. Here's how lớn get it on your PS5 console.

On the PlayStation 5 home screen, navigate khổng lồ the PlayStation Store. In the PlayStation Store, click on the Search Icon, and type The Sims 4. In the search results, click on The Sims 4 to mở cửa the game page. Once you're on the trò chơi page, choose Download. Once the tải về completes, you can start playing The Sims 4 from your library.

With that, you can start playing The Sims 4 on your PlayStation 5. Build the houses you want và make your Sims do things you can only imagine in real life right on your PS5 console.

Enjoy The Sims 4 for Free

The Sims 4 is an exciting and enjoyable trò chơi that allows players to exercise their creativity. & now that it's free-to-play, more people can jump into the fun. So, whether you're a PC enthusiast, a Mac devotee, an Xbox gamer, or a PlayStation fan, you can get The Sims 4 and be a part of SimNation.

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