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At 7:30 PM on Friday, April 20th 2018, CeeMe will broadcast live sầu the final round of the competition The Band by VinaPhone in the North region. The final of the North region will be held at the Sports Hall of West Lake District.

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The Band by VinaPhone is a music playground for Vietnamese bands và music groups living in the country or abroad. Searching for song-writing, singing & performing talents, amuốn numerous music contests, The Bvà by VinaPhone brings a different color as it pays attention to bands rather than individuals.


As a trainer in many reality television programs và as the leader of the judges of The Bvà by VinaPhone, Musician Le Minc Son shared: "I am very interested in "The Band" because this is a competition and not a television trò chơi. Therefore, the quality of art is the first factor. Audiences will see the participants persize truly, without tricks, in the true artistic size of music from the old times khổng lồ the modern time."

Besides Musician Le Minc Son, the jury of The B& by VinaPhone also has the presence of two leading figures in the field of music and performing - Musician Duong Cam và Choreographer Ly Ly.

The North"s final will be held at the Sports Hall of West Lake District at 8:00 PM on April 20th. In addition khổng lồ the performance of the 6 best bvà of the North, CeeMe"s "beautiful sister" - singer My Tam và Ngu Cung band will bring a very impressive liveshow khổng lồ the audience. Together with the jury, the audience will also be the judges who listen to lớn participant bands và choose the winner.

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All the North"s final will be broadcast live DIRECTLY and FREELY on CeeMe. CeeMe viewers can enjoy the hot atmosphere of the music night through the livestream system. The audience will be able to feel every beat, every lyric verse & every dance step from the bands in the final.

The audience can watch the livestream of the final of the B& by VinaPhone in the North region by visiting or select the category The B& by VinaPhone on CeeMe iOS or Android applications. MyTV customers can also watch live the music night freely by pressing 0.

CeeMe Application not only narrows the gap between idols và fans through its livestream feature but also delivers high chất lượng live performances on various platforms (Smartphone, internet, television).

Especially, all VinaPhone users are entitled to miễn phí 3G / GPRS tariff when using the application on Mobile phones.


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