The yên concept


Using the concept of a library as inspiration, The Yen Concept hopes to become a go-to hub for knowledge and awareness of sustainable living in Vietnam.

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You seem like a busy bee. Which projects are you focusing on right now?

I’m focusing my attention on two projects: my personal brand và The Yen Concept.

For my personal brand, I’m staying on vị trí cao nhất of my commercial acting and modeling gigs.

Having two complementary responsibilities adds balance and diversity khổng lồ my work. It keeps my perspective fresh. I’ve been modeling for four years. I still enjoy & find value out of it, it never gets old. It’s given me the chance lớn stay engaged with new and long time followers about my ongoing lifestyle changes và what’s new in the world of fashion.

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It also helps khổng lồ shine the spotlight on new challenges I’m working on.

Three years ago, I was operating a vegetarian restaurant & fashion brand. I recently exited both lớn focus on my newest challenge, The Yen Concept.

The idea for The Yen Concept was put together last year. We just opened our doors in June.

I’m also considering writing a book, but I’ll save that for later
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