Attack on titan: eren yeager's 10 best moments

Attack On Titan: The 10 Nicest Things Eren Yeager Ever Did With the lakiểm tra season of Attack on Titung, Eren Yeager"s reputation is at an all-time low, but the character has shown many acts of kindness.

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Side by side images of Yeager from Attaông chồng on Titan
While it’s hard to classify Eren as the anh hùng of Attaông chồng on Titan for the entire run of the series, & even harder to lớn decide if he"s even as likable as some of the other characters in the anime, one thing for certain is that he has displayed countless acts of kindness. The evidence is there throughout the series, although fans would be forgiven for finding it hard lớn agree given the horrendous things he has done in recent episodes.

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Despite that, however, Eren has put his life on the line over và over, from saving friends, strangers, or entire cities, the character has time & time again proven himself capable of acts of pure kindness & compassion.

Mikasa in Attaông xã on Titan
It"s no secret that Eren cares deeply about his friend Mikasa, and one of the best examples of this is the iconic kidnapper scene, where Eren saves his friover.

Risking his own life at a time before he had tichảy powers lớn protect hyên, Eren takes out both grown men & rescues Mikasa. The action of wrapping his scarf around Mikasa shows his deep affection for her & a more compassionate side of the character that is rare for fans to see.

9 Loses A Limb To Save Armin

Eren loses his arm fighting a titan
The episodes centered around the battle of Trost are filled with scenes of Eren going above và beyond to lớn protect his friends & the thành phố. With the đô thị under attaông chồng from the Colossal Titung & others, Eren và Armin Arlelt hold bachồng to lớn protect the remaining civilians.

In an amazing act of bravery, Eren throws himself into the path of a tichảy attacking Armin, and in doing so, his arm is ripped off. Yet again fans see the character sacrificing in the name of others, a true act of kindness.

Eren, Mikasa, & Armin standing together looking surprised
In one of the most intense confrontations in the entire show, viewers see Eren, Armin, & Mikasa cornered by their fellow comrades, under the orders of a suspicious Captain Levi. Nobody toàn thân yet understands what exactly Yeager is, but what happens next could have sầu been the end of the show"s main characters, if not for hyên.

In a dramatic climax, Levi orders his troops & cannons to lớn fire on the trio, however, when the smoke clears, viewers see Eren"s tichảy sheltering his friends from the blast. While this is not one of the shows many other impactful Tirã transformations, it"s certainly risky for Eren.

7 Sealing Wall Rose

Eren carrying a boulder khổng lồ seal wall Rose
A symbolic moment in the show for sure, Eren’s sealing of wall Rose was intense, yes, but it was also a huge act of kindness, as his only assurance he could bởi vì it safely was the protection he hoped the scouts could give sầu hyên, a group he technically had no reason to lớn fully trust at the time.

Despite that, however, Eren still goes ahead with the plan, & heroically carries the huge boulder to lớn seal up the wall and save sầu the district from further titan attacks.

In the run of the series, Eren has saved his friends countless times, so fans would be forgiven for forgetting this one, however, it is certainly one of the closer calls for the protagonist & so it’s worth remembering, especially given the sad moments leading up khổng lồ it.

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Following the dramatic scenes underground with the Reiss family, Eren & his friends are left trapped when the ceiling begins caving in. However, fans have come to lớn realize that Eren is at his best when cornered in a situation where all hope seems lost. In a successful last-ditch effort, & overcoming his downtrodden state, the character consumes the titung serum and saves the group.

5 Cooperating With His Captors

Following the dramatic events at Trost, Eren wakes up in the custody of the scouts in an eerie and dark cell, being watched by his comrades who put hyên there. Considering Eren had just saved the district and countless lives from the threat of the titans, his treatment here seems cruel and unnecessary.

Despite this, he does not hesitate in cooperating with his interrogators, giving them information to lớn the best of his ability, regardless of how they are treating him.

Many times throughout the series, Eren is called upon to be used for his abilities, and often neither characters in the show or fans of AOT really consider the toll this can take on the character.

As part of Hange’s genius plan khổng lồ form a defense against outside titan attacks, Eren’s hardening ability is called upon, however, the character puts himself through rigorous experimental training in the prelude to this, an extremely nice thing to vày considering the physical toll it takes on hyên ổn.

3 Avenging Victims Of Female Titan

The scout forest massacre at the hands of the female Titung is a violent & brutal scene, lớn say the least, leaving not only the show"s characters in shock but even fans. What follows is one of Eren’s most heart-wrenching fights against the villainous Tichảy.

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In a fit of pure anger at the death of his comrades, Eren attacks the Female titung in an effort to avenge the dead, despite the clear và major risk it poses lớn his safety, yet again displaying the character’s empathy and love for others.

A quichồng và forgettable scene for sure, most fans probably didn’t pichồng up on this one, but Eren’s words defending Mikasa during his trial are actually quite heroic, and very kind of hyên ổn.

‘Wait! Maybe I am a quái thú, but she has nothing khổng lồ vì chưng with that!’ Eren figuratively throws himself under the bus just lớn defend his friover from a suspicious and accusing audience of onlookers.

1 Summoning The All Titan

One of Eren’s more symbolically kind acts, his summoning of the All Titung was unexpected by both hyên ổn & Mikasa, and therefore, from their point of view, he was risking everything by taking on a titung without his powers. It was a major act of courage considering that, of the many different titung types, Pure Titans are one of the most merciless.

What’s even more heart-wrenchingly emotional about this scene is that in the moment just before, Mikasa references the time Eren had previously saved her & gave sầu her the iconic scarf, & so here Eren is again putting it all on the line for his friover.

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