HTC One M9 was the flagship killer device released by Điện thoại HTC for the year năm nhâm thìn. It is an impressive successor khổng lồ the popular Smartphone HTC One M8. Like other phones released in the series, it is a top điện thoại thông minh. This article is a detailed guide on how lớn root Điện thoại HTC One M9 và flashing a custom ROM on it, both processes will be discussed in parts.

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To root Smartphone HTC One M9 is a very simple task if you underst& what is involved and the benefits of HTC One M9 root access are numerous. One can uninstall apps that were preinstalled on the phone, can blochồng annoying Ads across all applications, can flash custom ROMs etc. Flashing of custom ROMs on the Điện thoại HTC One M9 is something we are going khổng lồ discuss in the article too and it is one of the main reasons phone geeks root their phone, flashing a Touch Wiz or an MIUI ROM to your Smartphone HTC One M9 is really a bliss và that màn chơi of customization on Android is why you would want lớn root Smartphone HTC One M9.

Part 1: Preparation of rooting Smartphone HTC One M9

Before you proceed khổng lồ root Điện thoại HTC One M9 or any Android device, there are certain steps lớn be taken khổng lồ prepare the device for the rooting process.

• The first thing khổng lồ vì chưng before you root Smartphone HTC One M9 is lớn backup all data on the phone. You need to backup data in case there is any loss of data và not because rooting is a risky process.

• Ensure that your device has got enough battery juice as the rooting procedure can be lengthy sometimes. A 70% battery level and above is appropriate.

• Cheông chồng USB cable to lớn be used & ensure that it is working properly.

• Ensure you have the lakiểm tra Android drivers installed, so your phone và computer can connect.

• Enable USB debugging on your Điện thoại HTC device.

After doing everything listed above sầu, your device is now ready lớn be rooted & you can go on with the process to lớn get all the benefit of Điện thoại HTC M9 root access.

Part 2: How khổng lồ root Smartphone HTC One M9 with Android Root

Rooting Điện thoại HTC One M9 will give the user more control over the device. To root the HTC One M9 device, we will be using Android Root, a tool from Dr.Fone toolkit. The tool has made rooting a very simple & straightforward process. Unlượt thích other root solutions which have sầu more complicated process or require you technical skills, you can be sure of a safe & risk-miễn phí process with Android Root. Features of Android Root include:


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The following steps show how lớn root HTC One M9 with Android root, with screenshots to further explain the procedure.

Step 1:

The very first thing khổng lồ vày is download the Dr.Fone Root on your personal computer if you bởi vì not have sầu it installed. After installing the software, you double-cliông xã the ibé to lớn launch software.

Step 2:

After selecting Android Root tool, you connect your Smartphone HTC One M9 device khổng lồ the computer using a suitable USB cable. Do checks if USB debugging is enabled on the Điện thoại HTC M9 device if it is not then you should enable it. To enable USB debugging, you go to lớn “Developer Options” in settings.’s Dr.Fone tool will recognize HTC device automatically if USB debugging is enabled và connect the Điện thoại HTC one M9.

After successful connection of the device to lớn the computer, Dr.Fone can now root your device and you will have Smartphone HTC One M9 with root access.


Step 3:

Now that you have sầu successfully connected Smartphone HTC device to lớn Dr.Fone, all is now set for rooting to lớn take place. To begin the root process, you cliông chồng on “Root Now” & wait as your Smartphone HTC One device gets rooted in one clichồng.


At the start of the rooting process, your Smartphone HTC One M9 device will give a message asking you lớn confirm if you want to lớn continue with the rooting process, you click on confirm & allow the Android Root software bởi vì the rest.

Just wait for a few minutes for Android Root to complete rooting of your Điện thoại HTC One M9 device.

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Once you see root completed on your screen then, you have successfully attained Điện thoại HTC One M9 root access. With Điện thoại HTC M9 root access, you can now blochồng Ads, flash custom ROMs, delete preinstalled app và a lot more than you would not be able to do normally.

Part 3: How lớn flash custom ROM for HTC One M9

Why bởi vì we flash custom ROMs lớn our Android devices? We do because we are tired of Android version or skin on our phone & we want something refreshing, smoother, a ROM with better aesthetics or our OEM is late with giving us the update of the lathử nghiệm Android version. Whatever the reasons may be, flashing ROM on Android is great and one needs root access for it.

Flashing a custom ROM is one of the reasons for having Điện thoại HTC M9 root access & it is very easy khổng lồ vì chưng. There are three basic steps for flashing a ROM on your Điện thoại HTC M9 device & we will look at them next.

Step 1: Root and install a custom recovery.

The first step to flashing a ROM is rooting the device on which the ROM will be flashed. We have sầu already discussed how to lớn root Smartphone HTC One M9. Now we need khổng lồ flash a custom recovery on the device, to lớn install a custom recovery, you have to unlock your bootloader and if your HTC One M9 came with an unlocked bootloader then you can proceed to lớn install a custom recovery.

To install a custom recovery on the HTC One M9 you must have sầu Android SDK on your PC, have sầu all the necessary Smartphone HTC drivers on your computer và enable USB debugging on your Smartphone HTC One M9. Also, tải về the appropriate TWRP recovery file for your Điện thoại HTC One M9, you can get it here, Now, follow the steps below lớn flash the downloaded TWRP. recovery:

• Rename TWRP file khổng lồ recovery.img and move the tệp tin lớn the thư mục containing Android SDK. Connect your Điện thoại HTC device khổng lồ your PC

• From the Android SDK thư mục, open the command prompt window. To vày that, press & hold “Shift” key và right cliông chồng on any empty space.

• Type “adb reboot bootloader” in the commvà prompt window to lớn reboot your Điện thoại HTC One M9 to bootloader mode.

• Type” fastboot flash recovery recovery.img”.

• Wait for TWRP to lớn install. After TWRPhường is installed, type “fastboot reboot” in cmd window.

• Unplug HTC One M9 from PC và boot into lớn recovery mode.

• In recovery mode, select “reboot system now” khổng lồ power on the device.

That’s how you install a custom recovery on your HTC One M9.

Step 2

The second step involves backing up data. There is a possibility of losing your data while flashing to lớn a new ROM but once you have backed up all data, you have sầu nothing to lớn worry about. An Android backup is recommended as it backups your phone completely and can restore your device khổng lồ how it was before the flashing process. You can use Dr.Fone toolkit - Android Data Backup và Restore to lớn vì chưng the task for you.


Step 3

This is the final step and it involves the actual flashing process of ROM. You download the ROM tệp tin you want khổng lồ flash và copy it to lớn your SD card, please ensure ROM file is compatible with your device. Once you have the appropriate ROM tệp tin, you follow the following steps lớn flash it:

• Boot HTC One M9 to lớn recovery

To boot inkhổng lồ recovery, you hold volume down và power button for 5 seconds. The recovery interface should look lượt thích the image below.

• Flash the ROM file

Select “Install”

Navigate khổng lồ ROM tệp tin và proceed lớn flash it.

Flash the Zip file

• Clear cache

After completion of installation, proceed to clear cabít.

That’s how you flashed a custom ROM on your device. Now, just reboot your device lớn enjoy your new ROM and restore backed up applications và settings.

This is how one can successfully root và flash a custom ROM on the Smartphone HTC One M9 successfully. The article is meant lớn serve as a guide for all those who want lớn have more control over their Smartphone HTC One M9 device. Rooting the device is the foundation for every other thing, after rooting you can flash a custom recovery & custom ROM as you desire.

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