Chế độ hiển thị văn bản trong word


When you are creating or editing a document, you get used to things looking a certain way.

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So if you open a Microsoft Word document & the page is either much smaller or larger, or you don’t see the page breaks that you are accustomed to, then you might find it a little offputting.

Fortunately, you can get your Word document back to normal view by changing a setting on the View tab.

How vày I Get My Word Document Back to Normal View?

Open your document.Select the View tab.Click the Print Layout button.

Our guide continues below with additional information to answer the question of how vày I get my Word document back lớn normal view, including pictures of these steps.

Word 2010 has a bunch of different settings & view panels that you can choose from.

They are helpful when you need to view atypical items, such as formatting marks & assorted breaks.

However, if you forget to lớn exit the view that you switched to, or if someone else was using your computer và changed the view, then you may be confused about how khổng lồ return to lớn the normal view in Word 2010.

Fortunately, Word 2010 has a separate thực đơn where you can specify most of your desired view settings, as well as return lớn the normal view lớn which you are accustomed.

Exiting Draft View in Word 2010 (Guide with Pictures)

If your Word 2010 view window is just displaying a giant white canvas with no page breaks in any direction, then you are probably in Draft view.

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This view has its uses in certain situations but, for the regular user that is just trying khổng lồ create a normal document, the absence of separated pages can be a bit jarring.

Fortunately, you can switch from this view & return khổng lồ the mặc định view that you want.

Step 1: xuất hiện the Word 2010 window where your document is currently displayed incorrectly.

Step 2: Click the View tab at the vị trí cao nhất of the window.


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