Best webcam software for windows 10 in 2021


While most computers have a built-in webcam of some sort, many webcams still lachồng in video clip chất lượng or just flat-out aren"t good. The Logitech BRIO webcam has a standout feature list that others just can"t match right now. If you"re hunting for the very best, then this is the one to lớn get, especially if you"re now working from trang chủ a lot more. All of the webcams featured here are perfect for video-calling with colleagues, friends, and family.

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Note: While our picks for best webcam remain the same, you can expect widespread shortages due to lớn COVID-19. If you need a webcam right now, here"s where you can check the lathử nghiệm in-stock items

Best Overall:Logitech BRIO

Source: Windows Central

Do you really need a 4K webcam right now? Probably not, but that doesn"t make the BRIO any less impressive sầu. If your needs stretch lớn the highest quality Clip, then it has lớn be top of your các mục.

Besides 4K, the BRIO ticks about every box you"d want from a webcam. Streamers will love sầu the integrated background replacement feature. Everyone will enjoy that it supports Windows Hello, và the more security-conscious will appreciate the privacy shutter.

You"re also getting HDR, so the video unique isn"t just limited khổng lồ resolution. It"s not the cheapest webcam, but there"s nothing else out there right now quite like it.

The issue currently is availability. These are incredibly hard khổng lồ get hold of và are back-ordered essentially everywhere. If you want one, the best thing to bởi is sign up to lớn be notified of new stoông xã at a retailer like Best Buy.

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4K videoHDRSupports Windows HelloPrivacy shutter


Quite expensiveOverkill for many purposes

Best Overall

Logitech BRIO

If you want your webcam Clip khổng lồ look its best, this is the one. It"s one of the only 4K webcams and supports Windows Hello.

Source: Windows Central

AVerMedia might target this webcam at the streaming market, but the truth is it"s a solid shout for anyone shopping in the mid-range market. The price is good, it"s compact, and the built-in privacy screen is a nice touch that"s still all too rare on modern webcams.

You get video up lớn 1080p, albeit limited to 30 FPS, paired with dual-mono microphones, which while not much use for streaming, are certainly clear enough for conference calls. The body of the webcam pivots through 360-degrees, too, so whatever your home thiết đặt, you can easily get a perfect angle.

Picture chất lượng is good given the price, though you will have to lớn download AVerMedia"s software lớn get the best from it. It"s also nice that this webcam only uses USB 2.0, so there are no compatibility issues with older PCs.

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