Do MoreWith was designed khổng lồ protect your device & your wrists.View your máy tính bảng ipad at just about any angle vertical or horizontal.

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Patented Protection to Help Your Wrists was designed for companies và individuals who use digital devices every day and want to lớn use their device to lớn its fullest potential, is the digital accessory company that helps adapt devices to lớn better fit the human body, so people can be more productive, creative and comfortable.Work, Create & Play with

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Patented Design

Each includes rubberized wings that fold out for a comfortable hand grip and easy viewing in portrait or landscape modes.

Works in Landscape or Portrait

Each wing can be used khổng lồ display your device in either landscape or portrait modes with a quick flip in either direction.


Available in Three Sizes is available for 10.2" iPad, ipad tablet Air and iPad Mini. Each case is tailored lớn perfectly fit and protect not only your device but also your wrists.

Strong and Lightweight is surprisingly lightweight và incredibly strong. Each case has been engineered tough enough for the great outdoors or simply lớn ride shotgun on your desk.

Help Ease Wrist Pain

Perch Phone Mount by - Works with any type of phone.iPhone, Android, Motorola, with or without a case. Hold your device at any angle & help alleviate wrist pain in the process.

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Perch Allows You lớn Soar

Spending hours on a personal device is how we work, learn & play. So why are they still so hard khổng lồ hold? makes devices more comfortable & more useable by designing tablet & phone accessories that make your device kinder lớn your body, because they fit your body better.

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Do you have kids, pets, love going out or just have a busy social life? Perch makes it very easy khổng lồ use your phone for any activity. Selfies are a breeze and working from trang chủ becomes effortless with with horizontal or portrait support for any điện thoại device.

Unique Design

Case or no case? It"s up to you. The Perch is designed for the casual user or the savvy social guru on a sản phẩm điện thoại 24/7.

Works in Landscape or Portrait

Kids & adults alike will enjoy viewing from either portrait or landscape mode. Flip the handle and choose a side.

Works with all devices

iPhone vs android - You never have lớn choose a side. The Perch by was designed khổng lồ work with any di động device. Peel and stick & stick again.

Incredibly Versatile

Changing the oil and need a convenient place lớn mount your phone while you watch Youtube tutorials, we"ve got you covered. Go anywhere and mount your phone.

Bend-based makes holding devices easier

Cole McGowan had an “aha!” moment a few years ago when he saw that his dad had taped a ruler horizontally khổng lồ his Kindle to ease his clenched hand.That 12-inch ruler sparked the beginnings of a Bend-based company called, an engineered, rotating, hands-free stand for tablets and smartphones.

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