Xiaomi piston air (xiaomi capsule): chill pill

Chinese electronics manufacturer mi has, since their inception, a proven track record of providing well-specced gadgets at very competitive prices. Though their earphone lineup is easily outclassed by many other brands both within & outside China, they still have a sizeable following, & I am one of those followers. In fact, their second-generation Piston earphones were one of the first earphones I reviewed over the course of this so far four-year journey. Hence why we will be looking at one of their latest offerings, the xiaomi mi Piston Air. Designed not as a successor to lớn the main Piston earphone lineup (we have the Hybrid and Hybrid Pro for that), the Piston Air — also known as the Piston Capsule — is a non-isolating earphone marketed as being không lấy phí and lightweight, focused on relaxing, all-day comfort. It is an interesting concept, no doubt, but how well has it been executed? Find out after the jump.

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An otherwise decent performer at under $15, its overall design limits its usability to one of those earphones you can only use at trang chủ – and it’s not really that good there, either.

The Piston Air really doesn"t come in much beyond a minimalistic cardboard box. No accessories, no carrying pouch, nothing. If you were expecting such accessories then I"m sure you would be no doubt disappointed — especially when you consider that previous xiaomi mi earphones were pretty well-equipped. Though a carrying pouch or case may have been nice, the lack of it does sort of drive trang chủ the whole "wear all day" sale pitch. That is, if the Piston Air is as comfortable as advertised, they would spend much more time in your ears than in a pouch or case.

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The Piston Air, true lớn its name, has one of the lightest và most minimal builds I have seen in a while, so much so that they look and feel unusually flimsy for a xiaomi mi earphone. However, flimsy does not seem lớn be in Xiaomi"s vocabulary as the Piston Air stands up khổng lồ a little rough-housing pretty well. Of course, the build chất lượng is not what we"re here for — the star of the show is most definitely the Piston Air"s quality housing design.
Their metal housings are almost completely draped in an outer "skin" of silicone, which makes sure your ears experience no discomfort or scratching. These metal housings utilise what xiaomi calls a "spiral damping system" which supposedly improves bass output despite its open-air fit. We"ll find out later to lớn see if these actually work or not.

One of the key sale points of the Piston Air is their comfort, and boy vị they deliver on that front. The minimal build keeps the entire assembly incredibly lightweight, and their soft silicone housings sit just outside the ear canal for an unobtrusive, barely-there fit. Of course, their half-in-ear thiết kế means noise isolation takes a large hit, but this works in tandem with the Piston Air"s other key thiết kế choices khổng lồ create what are one of the most comfortable earphones I have ever worn. However, it is also worth noting that mi is unusually particular with how the Piston Air is khổng lồ be worn — that is, it must be worn like an earbud as their sound changes quite drastically depending on how you wear it.

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