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Zing smartphone Apps offers the future of smartphone retailing. Customize your own ứng dụng to include integration of your loyalty program, mobile payment, coupons và offers, và complete store information with sản phẩm pricing. Your customer doesn’t need khổng lồ carry loyalty cards, credit cards, video clip coupons or read signs for gas prices anymore.

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Remote Ordering

for Food or C Store Items

Customers can order ahead right from your app! From picking the location, customizing their order, choosing pick up time, & submitting with payment from their mobile wallet- we make it quick và easy.

After two years of research and testing, we built the best features for mobile ứng dụng ordering in the industry. Our customer friendly UI và one swipe re-ordering makes your app the one that customers will reach for when they are in a hurry.

By allowing employees to focus more on other tasks and also increasing overall order accuracy, customers get what they want faster & more conveniently. This is also proven khổng lồ increase average ticket prices by up lớn 20%.

Mobile Payment

and Wallets

We highly encourage adding ACH payment to the mobile app for pump and in store sales, something that is becoming increasingly popular in todays market. Customers love receiving an instant discount at the pump, & Zing has several partners that make this easy to lớn integrate with your app.

It’s quick and easy for your customers khổng lồ pull up at the pump and activate it khổng lồ fill up their tank without ever taking out a credit card. GPS công nghệ also pinpoints which location they are closest to.

Wallets can be used for payment also. We accept MC, Visa, Discover, Chase Pay and others for pre-payment on remote ordering, using the app.

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Robust Reporting

Additionally, we offer very robust reporting in conjunction with our full suite of phầm mềm features. Our reporting gives clients an in-depth analysis of what their customers use & purchase most, as well as full scope of daily, weekly, and monthly active users. This data can be used to promote popular offers and items to specific groups, & help pinpoint client behavior for future marketing.

Order Ahead reporting contains top stores, đứng đầu items, và daily, weekly, và monthly revenue reports

Pay at Pump data displays daily, weekly, và monthly users for both iOs và Android

Push notification percentage of receipt and use

Coupon redemption statistics per location


Fuel savings & loyalty programs can be the number one motivator for conscious consumers. Zing can offer personalized messaging & customized promotion to encourage customers to lớn come back to lớn your store again and again.

We have built our own rewards platform, licensed by a company who has built the most robust features we could find. We offer points, clubs, instant discounts, fuel discounts & more.

Over time, we will help you modify your reward offers khổng lồ maximize the value to lớn your customers and bring you more transactions, in-store customer interaction, & a higher profit margin.

We, at Zing, also work with other rewards companies. We can easily connect your current rewards program so that it is user-friendly & interactive within the app.

Custom AppsZing thiết bị di động Apps builds custom apps at a “template” price. We help you manage the mobile channel to tư vấn all your kinh doanh efforts. We can work with vendors to push promotions and reach customers on their sản phẩm điện thoại devices.When we build you an app, we use a toolset which allows us khổng lồ save time & deliver exactly what you want at about 15% of the cost paid by the big chains for the same app.You want your own app. Your design. Your features. Your CX. Not a loyalty company’s app. Or a payment company’s app. You don’t want khổng lồ be tied lớn a company’s template or their timetable for building out new features. Don’t get fooled by hearing, “We can give you an phầm mềm free.” You get what you pay for. You don’t have khổng lồ use Zing thiết bị di động Apps Rewards. Our mobile ứng dụng will interface with all vendor platforms. We will work with your POS on sản phẩm điện thoại wallets or ACH. We are agnostic when it comes to lớn using API’s from other suppliers.We are your di động channel experts. We work with all your vendors lượt thích Altria or monster or Miller.Coors to lớn secure additional funding to target customers via điện thoại devices.

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