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Download the MOD APK version (Unlimited Money/Ammo) of Zombie Age 3, you have sầu a lot of money khổng lồ buy the best weapons in the game.

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Table of contentsIntroduce about Zombie Age 3MOD APK version of Zombie Age 3

Introduce about Zombie Age 3

DIVMOB is gradually becoming more familiar with gamers. They bring to the market games with interesting nội dung, along with unique gameplay. The Zombie Age series is a prime example. And in the framework of this article, I will introduce lớn you the lachạy thử version of the series, which is Zombie Age 3.

Although “born late”, but Zombie Age 3 is one of the most successful games of the company. It has been installed more than 10 million times và has averaged 4.5 rating points from more than 400,000 nhận xét of gamers.


Zombie Age 3 is about the fight against the undead. The world fell inkhổng lồ the post-apocalypse, và this caused most people to lớn become undead. Your town is under siege & devastated. Bloodthirsty zombies, they are willing lớn kill anyone they come across. The defence barrier appears to lớn have sầu been broken. You realize you cannot escape anymore. You must search for those monstrous creatures to lớn destroy & chase them out of this place.


Shooting and killing. That’s all you do in Zombie Age 3. The game has a mission system, each consisting of a base that has been occupied by hordes of undead. You need to lớn get baông xã the town by killing all the undead.

The control keys are in the corner of the screen, with three corresponding functions: navigation, shooting, & melee attaông xã.


In case you have more guns, you can switch them by tapping the icon in the top right corner of the screen.

The game continues like that, you go through many quests và collect rewards. Some tư vấn items will also be unlocked in the future, you can use them lớn overcome increasingly difficult challenges.


By default, your character is equipped with a pistol, you can use it to damage enemies from afar, with a higher level of effectiveness than melee..

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However, as the difficulty cấp độ keeps increasing, then you need a better, faster and more powerful gun. Machine guns or shotguns are a really great idea. You can buy them in the store when you reach the required level.

But, that is not all that Zombie Age 3 offers players. When you have khổng lồ khuyến mãi with giant monsters, you need something stronger. Saw machine instead of an iron hammer, Mini-gun or Ar-15 instead of MP5. Or, slightly more powerful are G.Launcher, M16 and Dragon’s Breath.

In general, the game’s arsenal is quite diverse, up khổng lồ more than 30 models. They have different stats of damage, ammo count per ice, and different speed and fury. You should choose guns that are suitable for each terrain và zombie characteristics in each town, instead of choosing powerful guns. Because the guns have sầu svào damage but have great weight, making you move sầu more slowly. This element makes the game balanced, và only those who understand this can overcome the most difficult missions.


Besides the guns, the motorbikes are also a must-have sầu weapon. In some fast missions, you will have sầu to lớn use a motorcycle lớn fight, instead of guns. The game gives players mặc định Royal Classic. But you can unloông xã and use five sầu other cars with more powerful engines. Bat Blade, Fiery Bike, or Ninjas are examples. However, they vì chưng require you to lớn achieve sầu specific achievements, lượt thích driving 1500km or killing 10,000 zombies.


There is quite a bit of in-game support that you can apply. These include items like ammunition boxes, coin-suction magnets, first aid boxes, speed shoes, grenades, or power boxes to lớn help you become an iron man in two minutes. However, the character’s backpaông chồng is quite small, so you can only bring up to lớn three items.


If the level lasts and there are many enemies, you should bring ammo & ambulance box. Otherwise, if there are few enemies and they are stronger, you should bring Iron Man thành công and power box to lớn increase the damage.

Besides items, you can also bring teammates. However, you will have sầu to lớn watch ads to lớn receive this benefit.

MOD APK version of Zombie Age 3

MOD features

Unlimited MoneyUnlimited Ammo

Download Zombie Age 3 MOD APK for Android

Zombie Age 3 has successfully approached & received love sầu from millions of gamers with its fast-paced action gameplay. If you love sầu zombie games, please download the MOD version of this game via the links below.

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